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Freedom of Information Policy, Data Transparency and openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations

The Governement recently issued a revised Code for Local Government Transparancy, which is not mandatory for parish councils.  However, the following is made available under the code.  

Expenditure over £500

The Town Council will provide a copy of its approved schedule of payments in this section after each meeting of the Town Council.


14th May 2012          25th June 2012          17th September 2012          12th November 2012         

14th January 2013   11th March 2013  


13th May 2013        10th June 2013     9th September 2013     11th November 2013   13th January 2014     

10th March 2014     


12th May 2014       9th June 2014        1st September 2014      10th November 2014      12th January 2015  9th March 2015


18th May 2015       8th June 2015

NOTE: from June 2015 schedules of payments can be found on our agendas and minutes page.  They form part of the agenda and report documents for Council meetings.

Organisation Chart

Staff structure

Councillor Allowances and Expenses

 At the Council meeting held on 12th March 2012 it was agreed to pay members expenses at the following rates:

Breakfast - up to £5.00

Lunch - up to £7.50

Tea - up to £3.50

Evening meal - up to £15.00

Conference allowance - to cover out of pocket expenses per 24 hour period - up to £25.00

The rates quoted are for a period of 4 hours or more away from home and cannot be claimed where a meal has been provided free of charge by another authority or body.  Receipts must be produced in respect in of all claims wherever possible.

Each year the Mayor of Didcot is paid an allowance which is to be used for expenses incurred during the Mayoral year.  For the year 2014/2015 the Mayoral Allowance is £2,900.00

Grants to the Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise Sector

A copy of the grant aid policy, an application form and details of grant aid awarded this financial year (since 1st April 2014) can found on the grant aid page.  

Policies, Performance, External Audits, Key Inspections and Key Indicators

The current policies of Didcot Town Council can be found on the policies page or by opening the relevant link below.


Didcot Town Council results 2015

Agendas and Minutes

From June 2015 reports to Council and committees can be found on our agendas and minutes page.  For reports prior to that date contact the Town Council by telephoning 01235 812637 or by email, council@didcot.gov.uk

The Openness of Local Governmetn Bodies Regulations 2014

Recent legislation allows Council and Committee meetings to be audio-recorded, photographs may be taken and the proceedings may also be filmed by the press or public.  The meeting may also be digitally reported using social media.  Members of the public attending the meeting are advised that they may be recorded or photographed during the meeting.

Council's policy.  

Anyone who wishes to record, photograph or film the meeting is asked to notify the Town Clerk before the start of the meeting.  Contact the Clerk on 01235 812637 or townclerk@didcot.gov.uk. 

The regulations also require councils to record some decisions.  A copy of the Council's policy on the recording of decisions, including information about which decisions will be recorded can be seen here

Copies of recordable decisions made since 10th November 2014 can be seen here