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The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Didcot

Each year at the Annual Meeting the Council elects a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor to serve for the coming year.  On The Mayor, Councillor Steve Connel, and Deputy Mayor, Councillor Jackie BillingtonMonday 9th May 2016 the Council elected Councillor Steve Connel as Mayor and Councillor Jackie Billington as Deputy Mayor for the year 2016/2017.

Talking after the event the new Mayor is quoted as saying

"Being Mayor and Didcot’s official representative to the outside world has always been something that only the most trusted councilors were ever chosen to do, so I’m still not sure exactly how I got the job. However I am delighted at the appointment.

During my tenure I have many objectives but recently, whilst speaking with nominees for Didcot’s John Eldridge awards I came to the sad realization that there were so many great local organizations, charities and members of the community that people never hear about.   So my main goal is to use my position to try to raise awareness of how great Didcot really is.

It’s a long-standing tradition for the Mayor to pick a couple of charities to fundraise for.   My two are:

The Tuberous Sclerosis Association

My little brother has had a condition called Tuberous Sclerosis (TSC complex) since before he was born.  

It’s a Genetic disorder that causes tumours to grow in the major organs of the body including the brain and affects the sufferer’s life considerably.

As well as helping fund research into the condition the TSA has supported my family and many others affected by TSC in a number of ways.   They have dedicated regional support advisors, an active online community and arrange regional groups to provide families the chance to meet face-to-face.

South and Vale Carers

South and Vale Carers are a charity that in my opinion rarely gets the recognition that they deserve.   One of the simplest, but most effective things they offer is a range of free trips.

Now I know that a visit to the ice rink or cinema may not seem like much, but for these kids (8-13 and 13-18) it’s much more than just a trip.   It’s a rare chance to just act like a child for a short while."