Faith in Service

2022 Award Winners

Artistic Award

Yarnsy - for the wonderful knitted/crochet post toppers

Service with a Smile

Penny Wilde - for many years volunteering at the Cancer shop

Unsung Hero

Jane Ord - for setting up the Didcot Community Kitchen

Tristram Spencer - for being a befriender at Be Free Young Carers

Young Volunteer / Charity fundraiser

James Pearson - for helping choreography and run the ELEMENTS show

Sporting Achievement

Leigh Bedwell Goalkeeping Camps - for providing goalkeeping camps on weekends/school holidays

Lifetime Achievement

Jeanette Howse BEM - for many years setting up events in Didcot

John Eldridge Award

Changing Lives - for helping provide much needed supplies/funds to local charities/members of the community

Photographs of the Awards Evening

Irish Dancers

Artistic Award - Nominees

Winner - Yarnsy

Sporting Achievement - Nominees

Winner - Leigh Bedwell

Young Volunteer / Charity Worker - Nominees

Winner - Leigh Bedwell

Service with a Smile - Nominees

Winner - Penny Wilde

Lifetime Award - Nominees

Winner - Jeanette Howse BEM

Environment Award - Nominees

Winner - Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue

Unsung Hero - Nominees

Winners - Jane Ord & Tristram Spencer

John Eldridge Award for Voluntary Service - Nominees

Winner - Changing Lives

Shortlist 2022

John Eldridge
Changing Lives Charity Shop
Margaret Abbott - Didcot Volunteer Drivers
Tristram Spencer - BFYC

Step in Time
Phoenix Taekwondo Elements Show
Sebastina Cara - Little Library

Service with a Smile
Joanna Dzimwasha Wojcik
Penny Wilde
Broadway Butchers
Djangoes Smokehouse

Jordan Sears
Wynter's Wish Football Team
Leigh Bedwell

Jeanette Howse
Edna Hemmings
Caroline Burgess
Anna Gatrell

Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue
Scott Radbourne
Markets for Mindfulness

Young person
James Pearson
Jade Burnage
Angels APA

Unsung Hero
Tristram Spencer
Matt Norris
Luke Waclawek
Tasha Barlow
Jane Ord
Ciaran Aston

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