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Message from the Outgoing Mayor

It has been a great honor to have had the opportunity to serve as Didcot Mayor for 2019/2020.

Over the year I have met so many wonderful people doing amazing things in our community and I thank these people for all the hard work they do.

The annual Didcot Town Council awards evening and Mayor's Charity ball were both very successful. I used both of these events to raise money for my chosen charities "Secret Santa 365" and "Make-A-Wish". More »

The vast majority of invitations I received were kindly extended to my Family. This experience has allowed us to spend more time together doing things that we would not normally have done, and we have enjoyed every minute.

It certainly has been a year never to forget, and to help me remember my time as Mayor I take away with me hundreds of photos and most importantly many new friends.

Cllr Anthony Dearlove » Less

Posted: Sat, 16 May 2020 11:50 by Admin Assistant

Message from the Mayor of Didcot

Message from the Mayor of Didcot

VE Day Commemorations

On Friday the residents of Didcot joined with the rest of the country to mark the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day.

The celebrations were very different from those we had all originally planned and those we had to mark the 50th anniversary. However, I hope people were able to take part with their neighbours in something they will remember in years to come as they gave thanks for the sacrifice of those who gave up so much. More »

Although it was not possible to have a mass gathering at the town war memorial near the Civic Hall, the Deputy Mayor and I met there (suitably distanced) to observe the two-minute silence at 11am.

Later in the day I stood in our bunting-decorated garden with my husband to share the "Nation's Toast". I have heard from several people of parties in (individual) front gardens and communal singing. I hope everyone had a good time but it was also a solemn occasion. I think it is difficult for those of us born after the war ended to imagine just what it must have been like for those who were involved in it.

We now have our own challenges to face, though at a different level. One of these is to keep safe the remaining members of that older generation.

Eleanor Hards
Mayor of Didcot » Less

Posted: Mon, 11 May 2020 14:02 by Admin Assistant


The British Army is opening a new Covid-19 testing centre at Didcot Town Council / Civic Hall car park from Monday, 11th of May. For that reason, our car park will be closed to the public from today 8PM until further notice.

Only council, NHS and army staff are allowed to use the Civic Hall premises during this time with ID card and all safety equipment.

People needing to be tested will also be allowed to access the car park for their tests ONLY, as per the Government's directions and will need to adhere to everything the Army advise (eg, stay in their vehicles for the duration of their visit). More »

Anyone who suspects they have symptoms are advised to book a test via the Government's website and to not turn up at the Civic Hall without an appointment. Please do not park in neighbouring streets when arriving for a test.

Use our websites for more information. www.didcot.gov.uk | www.didcotcivichall.co.uk

For registration and more information please visit www.gov.uk/apply-coronavirus-test

#stayathome #safeNHS #savelifes

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Posted: Sat, 09 May 2020 22:46 by Admin Assistant

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