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Didcot Town Council has five allotment sites in Didcot with 415 plots which are available to Didcot residents only. The Tenant shall reside within the boundary of Didcot Parish or within the Great Western Park boundary during the tenancy. Great Western Park residents may take on a tenancy, but those who do not live within the Didcot Parish, cannot join a waiting list.

These sites are; New Road, Broadway, Wantage Road, Cockcroft Road and Mereland Road.

The majority of our plots are 15 yards by 10 yards - also known as 5 pole, but we do have some smaller plots which are suitable for people new to allotments (these are available on request).

We also have plots suitable for people with additional needs. Please contact the council offices for more information.

To apply for an allotment you will need to complete the short application form below and return it to the Town Council. There are currently waiting lists on all of our sites.

A £60 returnable deposit is required before signing a tenancy. This is returned when the tenancy is terminated, providing the plot is given back to us in the same condition as it was given to you.

When a plot becomes vacant it will be offered to the first person on the list. This is when we will get in contact with you.

Didcot Town Council have an Allotment Appeals Procedure. Please contact us if you wish to see this.

You can find information about allotments in general at The National Allotment Association.

Application Form

To apply for an allotment, please download the form below or complete the online application at this link.

Before applying for an allotment, please read all of the policies and terms and conditions of becoming an allotment holder below.

Allotment charges

Concessionary rates apply to allotment holders 65 years or over on April 1st of that rental year. Please contact the Town Council to let us know if your charge has changed to the concessionary rate.

Rents for all sites are due on the 1st April in each financial year, and must be paid within 28 or 40 days of this date, depending on what it states in your tenancy.

Only those tenants notified in writing by the Council and registered in the Council's records will be considered as the proper tenant of any plot. Tenants wishing to give up the tenancy of their allotment should notify the Council in writing at the Didcot Town Council Offices.

Allotment rules

Permitted burn dates

Bonfires are only allowed on allotment sites at agreed times.

The dates for 2023 are:

20th March – 2nd April (inclusive)

Weekdays – strongly advised after 4pm

Weekends – dawn to dusk


As always, please do not bring any rubbish onto site for burning, only burn plant waste generated from your allotment, be watchful of any fires and be mindful and sympathetic to those nearby.

Do not leave any bonfire unattended and always extinguish before leaving the site.

Take into account wind direction – smoke should not interfere with the road or cause a nuisance to local residents.

Do not cause damage to neighbouring plots or wildlife.

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