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Great Western Park draft Public Art Strategy

  • 2020.01.29 Great Western Park draft Public Art Strategy (PDF, 7.8 Mb)

    The Great Western Park (GWP) development is highly significant in the overall growth strategy of the Didcot area. Its planned 3300 dwellings will increase the residential area of ​​west Didcot along with its new schools, community centers, shops and recreational facilities.

    However, whilst GWP is pivotal to Didcot achieving its growth targets and a welcome addition to the area it creates challenges that public art can help to address:

    • As an entirely new development on a greenfield site it is important that GWP develops its own character, sense of place and feeling of community - it needs a story to tell that people can relate to. Whilst the development is new it is part of Didcot and the wider area and public art can bring these wider reflections of place into GWP helping it become rooted.

    • GWP is also a perfect embodiment of Didcot and the wider area growing, moving forward and changing for the better. The achievement of growth means more jobs,
    better jobs, prosperity, more facilities and a better quality of life. Public art within GWP can tell the new and emerging story of Didcot and its surroundings; it should be a celebration of and catalyst for change.

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