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Town Clerk: Janet Wheeler
Council Offices, Britwell
Road, Didcot, Oxfordshire
OX11 7HN

Town, District and County Councillors

Your Town Councillors

Didcot Town Council consists of 21 Councillors (members), who represent the 6 wards which cover Didcot. The town Councillors are listed below showing the name of the ward (the administrative division/area of Didcot Town Council) that the Councillor represents. Councillors do not receive any payment. They give their time voluntarily to the benefit of the community and residents.

  • Didcot Parish Wards Map (PDF, 1.7 Mb)

    A map showing the Didcot Parish Wards.

  • Councillors' Code of Conduct (PDF, 68 Kb)

    Residents expect holders of public office to act with honesty and impartiality. A code of conduct exists that sets out the framework within which Councillors must operate. One requirement is that Councillors complete a register of their interests.

You can see Councillors' registers of interest on South Oxfordshire District Council's website.

All Saints Ward

Ladygrove Ward

Millbrook Ward

Northbourne Ward

Orchard Ward

Park Ward

District & County Councillors

South Oxfordshire District Council's website has a list of District Councillors for Didcot.

Oxfordshire County Council's website has a list of County Councillors.