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Didcot Garden Town

The decision to branch a line off the Great Western Railway from Didcot to Oxford meant that a rural village was destined to become an important regional hub. The grand 19th century vision, and the choices made to implement it, have strongly shaped Didcot into what it is today. And so it is our hope that the decision to seek garden town status for Didcot will be equally instrumental in shaping the town for decades, if not centuries, to come. Already, with the next phase of the Orchard Centre having started, we are seeing the benefits of being a growing town. However, as more and more people call Didcot their home, we know there is work to do to address the infrastructure deficits of the past as well as making Didcot a 21st century place to work and bring up a family. This delivery plan is offered as a programme of ideas to address those demands. The plan aims to tackle all of the key areas: housing, jobs, transport, landscape and the environment - within the context of South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils' emerging local plans. It does not aim to change these documents, for example, by changing land allocations or reducing the number of houses to be built on allocated sites.

Didcot Garden Town Plan

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