Faith in Service

March 2023

Didcot Town Council Awards Ceremony

On Saturday 18th March 2023 the Didcot Town Council Awards ceremony took place at the Civic Hall. The event is to thank those who work extra hard in the community with little or no recognition.

Cllr Pam Siggers, The Mayor of Didcot hosted the event and was helped by fellow councillors, Cllr Axel Macdonald, Cllr Mocky Khan, Cllr Denise Macdonald and Cllr Tony Hudson who presented some of the awards.

We were entertained by the Maguire O'Shea Irish dancers who gave a stomping performance.

Nominations for the next awards will be open later this year.

Click here to see the nominees/winners.

Brownies Bake Off Competition

On Monday 27th March 2023 the Mayor of Didcot, Cllr Pam Siggers attended and helped judge the Steventon Brownies Bake Off competition.

The Mayor ate lots of different types of cake which were all delicious - it was very hard to judge the winners as they were all so good.

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