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How has Driving Miss Daisy Didcot Adapted to Lockdown?

Since the middle of March, we have all had to change our ways of living and Driving Miss Daisy Didcot is no different from anyone else. So, here are the changes we have been making to make sure we are still there for you.

What has Driving Miss Daisy, Didcot been doing to assist the local community?
While this pandemic is upon us, like many people, it means that we are unable work as normal. However, Driving Miss Daisy are a service that prides itself in always being there for you. So, we have enlisted our services as NHS Volunteer Responders. We are using our resources to be on call daily and assist vulnerable people that are unable to get provisions and medication.

Is Driving Miss Daisy still providing a service during these unprecedented times?

Absolutely, Driving Miss Daisy is still very much there for you. Unfortunately, we can no longer come into your homes or take you for days out BUT, we can still be family when family can't be there. Services still available, are shopping for essentials and medical pick-ups. We would also like you to know that we are still your companions, just pick up the phone for a chat. Driving Miss Daisy can assure you that we fully adhere to the NHS hygiene and safety guidelines, AT ALL TIMES. This includes the thorough cleaning of our vehicles after each job.

How have the Driving Miss Daisy Didcot Family been keeping
busy out of work?

We are using this time to free our minds and prepare ourselves for what I am sure will be a busy period to come. Whilst we have been unable to visit our lovely customers, or take them outings, (something we dearly miss), we have been spending quality time with our boys and enjoying our daily walks.

What else is Available in the Local Community to Assist You?
Did you know that your local on line library are providing audio books and magazines to hear or read instantly, AT NO CHARGE. To learn more about this service, please call us on 07308 475489.