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Didcot Town Council Wildflowers

What are wildflowers?

A wildflower is simply a flower grown freely without human intervention.

What is a UK native wildflower?

A UK native wildflower species is one which is naturally found in the UK, rather than a species which has been introduced from somewhere else, usually by humans.

Native wildflowers have evolved alongside native wildlife over hundreds of years developing shapes, sizes, colours and scents which attract native pollinators. The flowering times are also suited to native pollinators with some insects being very picky about where they get their food and need certain native wildflowers to survive.

Why are wildflowers important?

Wildflowers provide pollinators and insects with food from leaves, pollen, nectar, shelter and places to breed. Pollinators then return the favour by transferring pollen, enabling the wildflowers to develop seeds that produce more flowers.

Wildflowers are beneficial during the winter also. As food is scarce in the countryside, wildflower seeds become an important food source for birds and small mammals.

Why are wildflowers important to bees?

A big job that wildflowers undertake is to provide bees, butterflies and other pollinators with food sources throughout the seasons, and that is why a wide range of wildflower species are required.

DTC Wildflower Beds

Didcot Town Council are in the process of making some wildflower beds, which you may have seen along the side of Didcot Civic Hall. (See picture above)

Our wildflower bed is full of plants for pollinators including annuals and perennials which will create a long-lasting habitat for bees and pollinators on the roadside verges.

Grass within the bed will create a nursery for the wildflowers to maintain a weed-free bed and develop a habitat for wildlife for years to come.

The Cornfield annuals will provide an instant pop of colour whilst perennials, once established, will not only reappear year after year and will become familiar favourites for us all to see.

These wildflowers help to create mini meadows that will remove the need for any chemical fertilisers.

The wildflower bed will contain 100% UK native wildflowers and will provide nature with a local home.

Last updated: Thu, 20 May 2021 13:35