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Residents of Didcot have been asking the Town Council to provide a new Community & Sports Pavilion at Edmonds Park for over six years. Set in 21 acres of outdoor space, this is the flag ship park with a variety of sporting and leisure activities including football; tennis, basketball; outdoor gyms and a wealth of community and leisure activities throughout the year.

Since the old, worn out pavilion was removed in the summer of 2021 – there have been no indoor facilities to serve the users of Edmonds Park. Temporary facilities are in place but there is a need to follow this with a permanent building of quality and durability.

A building to enhance the new splashpark

The Town Council plans to build the only splash park in Didcot adjacent to the new pavilion to potentially save on building costs and to give Didcot a new facility which would otherwise require a car journey to neighbouring towns.

The Town Council is intending to apply for a loan to cover the cost of the building. The business plan shows how the additional housing will add to the future finances of the Town Council which in turn will cover future loan repayments.

What is happening now?

  • Planning permission granted in September 2021
  • Ridge and Partners appointed to assist the tender process
  • LIFE Build Solutions Ltd drawing up costed designs in preparation for building regs and the final build costs
  • Business plan approved at Full Council meeting held on 7th November 2022.
  • Application to the Public Works Loans Board for up to £2.7m to build the new Community and Sports Pavilion. The cost quoted at around £2m plus an allowance for risk and inflation.
  • Once the application is made, the officers will work to find grants to bring the cost of the loan application down to as little as possible.

Time frame for Edmonds Park community centre build

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Contractor Introduction

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