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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CPE?

Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) is when a local authority takes on responsibility from the police to enforce against illegal parking. This process means parking violations becoming civil offences. In Oxfordshire CPE will apply for on-street parking (roads and highways).
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Why do we need CPE?

The effective management of waiting and loading restrictions will allow us to match enforcement to our wider transport strategies.

This will mean:
- Less blocking of major traffic routes by incorrectly parked vehicles.
- Reduction in parking in disabled bays by non badge holders.
- Better traffic management and improved parking restrictions.

It will:
- Encourage correct, sensible and safe parking across Oxfordshire.
- Reduce congestion on the roads.
- Help the emergency services access emergencies
- Make it safer for drivers and pedestrians
- Enable buses to operate more effectively
- Improve air quality, health and the general environment
- Keep Oxfordshire moving

What is changing?

What is changing? Under the introduction of CPE parking enforcement across South Oxfordshire, Vale of White Horse and Cherwell Districts will be taken over from the Police by Oxfordshire County Council. This will result in increased, more consistent enforcement of waiting and loading restrictions, double parking offences and dropped kerb obstructions. CPE is already in effect in Oxford City and West Oxfordshire.

What are the current time scales for the implementation of CPE?

Assuming Cabinet support the Council will look to implement CPE in November 2021.

Which areas will be patrolled and how often?

Which areas will be patrolled and how often? All areas where there are traffic regulation orders in place will be patrolled, this includes all towns and most villages. An intelligence led approach will be taken to enforcement meaning teams will be focused on areas where illegal parking is having the most impact on road safety and congestion.

Parking restrictions in my area are outdated. How do I get them reviewed?

If CPE is implemented parking restrictions will be reviewed on a regular basis. If you feel there is an area where restrictions should be reviewed please contact the parking team via

How is CPE funded?

The aim of CPE is to achieve 100% compliance of parking regulations. If that was to occur there would be no income from penalty charges. However, if drivers choose to park illegally, they should expect to receive a Penalty Charge Notice. Assumptions based on national compliance levels have been assumed.

Fines associated with parking will be retained in Oxfordshire to support the cost of enforcement.
Any surplus will be spent on local transport and environmental improvements in Oxfordshire.!

Will the introduction of new residents parking schemes be considered once CPE is introduced?

Permit parking schemes can benefit residents and their visitors in areas where extraneous parking causes a problem. A key factor in their success is enforcement, and the introduction of CPE will open up opportunities for new schemes to be considered. Any scheme of this nature is subject evidenced local support and funding.

If CPE was introduced how would Councillors, Town Councils and members of the public report concern about parking enforcement?

Members of the public, Town Councils and Councillors would be able to report areas and incidents of illegal parking via a dedicated email address and telephone line. Officers would investigate and will take enforcement action as required.

What enforcement is currently taking place?

Parking offences in areas that are not currently covered by CPE are a criminal offence (fixed penalty notice) and enforced by Thames Valley Police.

Council cabinets to consider Civil Parking Enforcement proposals

A major change aimed at helping to prevent illegal parking could move a step closer in the Vale of White Horse and South Oxfordshire this week.

At their respective meetings on 3 and 4 December, South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils' cabinets will consider whether to move forward with proposals for Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) which could see responsibility for enforcement transfer from the police to a new team managed by Oxfordshire County Council.

Vale of White Horse and South Oxfordshire District Councils enforce parking in their own off-street car parks. However, enforcement for on-street parking in both districts is carried out by the police. This can put unnecessary extra pressure on police resources and leave parking problems unresolved as the police focus on more serious crimes.

Local councils can apply to the government to take on powers for Civil Parking Enforcement which allows them to fine motorists who park illegally or drive in bus lanes.

The two councils have been working alongside Oxfordshire County Council and Cherwell District Council to investigate the feasibility of implementing CPE arrangements within their three districts. This work has included commissioning a specialist parking consultant to investigate the potential benefits, challenges, and financial requirements of the scheme.

In order to implement CPE, cabinets at all three districts need to agree to move forward with the proposals. The councils would then collectively ask Oxfordshire County Council to submit a joint CPE application to the government for approval.

CPE is already in place in Oxford city centre and in West Oxfordshire. If the application is approved by the government, parking enforcement on-street in South and Vale would then be carried out by a new team managed by Oxfordshire County Council.

Cabinet members at Vale and South Oxfordshire will now decide whether to approve the proposals and therefore ask the county council to move forward and submit the application to the government.

They will also confirm the financial contribution that the councils will need to make in order to support the formal application to the Department for Transport to implement Civil Parking Enforcement in their respective districts.

If all three districts agree then CPE could be implemented by the end of 2021.

Cllr Neil Fawcett, Cabinet Member for Strategic Partnerships and Place at Vale of White Horse District Council, said: "Illegal parking is extremely frustrating for residents and road users alike, particularly in our town centres. It adds to congestion and makes air quality worse. It can also hold up the emergency services. To help tackle this issue, we have been working with the County Council and Cherwell District Council to look at whether Civil Parking Enforcement would be suitable in our districts and how it could work. We will now decide whether to move forward with the scheme."

Cllr David Rouane, Cabinet Member for Housing and Environment at South Oxfordshire District Council, said: "Parking restrictions are important in helping to ensure congestion and road safety can managed effectively. Our current on-street enforcement is carried out by the police; however, this is not a great use of their resources, with enforcement generally taking place only if there is a danger or an obstruction. If taken forward, this more locally focussed approach could be a much more efficient and effective way of managing the issue and dealing with problem areas."

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