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Which Council Does What?

'Which council does what?' is a valid and common question as it can be confusing if you are not familiar with the workings of local government.

If after reading the list below you are still unsure and need some guidance, then please don't hesitate to contact us at or on 01235812637.

South Oxfordshire District Council

Oxfordshire County Council

Fire and public safety
(Crime and prevention, Domestic abuse, Emergency planning, Fire and Rescue service, Road safety and Safeguarding from extremism)

Business services
(Trading standards, Licences and permits, Advice for businesses)

Children, education and families
(Children's services, Education and learning, early years education, fostering, information for parents, keeping young people safe, Youth justice service, provision of information agree, working with children and adoption)

Community and living
Digital infrastructure, Births, deaths and ceremonies, Citizenship and nationality, funding and grants, OCC work with communities, thriving communities and volunteering in Oxfordshire)

Environment and planning
(Archaeology, Countryside, Energy and climate change, Land and premises, Planning and Waste and recycling)

Leisure and culture
(History, Libraries and Museums)

Roads, travel and parking
(Report pothole, Parking permits, pay a fine, Apply for Blue Badge and bus pass and Highways)

Social and health care
Adult social care, Disability and sensory loss, Health, recovery and wellbeing, Housing options and care home, keeping safe, Legal and money issues, Living at home, Looking after someone, Public health, Oxfordshire employment, Volunteering and leisure and Health and Wellbeing Board)

Useful telephone numbers

OCC Highways - 0345 3101111

South Oxfordshire District Council - 01235 422422

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