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Street Tag

Street Tag

Check out this app which turns exercise into points!

Street Tag turns physical activity into a game and converts walking, running and cycling into Street Tag points (tags). Turning streets and parks into a giant virtual playground. The family-friendly game rewards primary schools, families, individuals and communities for their physical activities such as walking, running, cycling.

When playing Street Tag, you can record the distance you've walked, run or cycled by scanning virtual tags with your smartphone at various geographic locations. Watch your total distance accumulate and see how you far you climb up the local leader board and compare with other players. The app can run in the background, so it automatically collects tags in a 40-metre radius allowing you to focus on your journey and not your phone.

Each game season lasts 12 weeks. In that time, competitors can vie with each other to hit the top of the leader board and become the winners!

Posted: Mon, 16 Nov 2020 11:06 by Chelsey Lordan

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