Faith in Service

Personnel and Administration Committee

Personnel and Administration Committee members

Voting Committee Members:
Cllr Mocky Khan (Chair)
Cllr Denise Macdonald (Vice Chair)
Cllr Dave Chadran
Cllr Anthony Dearlove

Substitute Committee Members:
Cllr John Moody
Cllr Eleanor Hards
Cllr Alan Thompson
Cllr Anthony Hudson (to be confirmed)

What does the Personnel and Administration Committee do?

The following matters are delegated to the Planning and Development Committee:
(a) Administrative matters.
(b) The terms and conditions of employment of the Council's staff, excluding the Town Clerk/RFO/Proper Officer (see below).
(c) Any other matters affecting the Council staff and the personnel policies of the Council.

The following matters are to be recommended to Council:

(d) The terms and conditions of employment of the Town Clerk/RFO/Proper Officer.
(e) Any policy issues connected with the Council staff

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