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About the Planning and Development Commity:

Planning Applications submitted for properties in Didcot are normally discussed in the Planning & Development Committee Meeting which meets every 3 weeks. Details of the meetings are shown in the Council Calendar and the Agenda for the forthcoming meeting is published at least 3 days prior to the meeting.

Whilst the Town Council considers and comments on all applications affecting the parish, the controlling authority for most applications is South Oxfordshire District Council who can choose to take on board or ignore our comments.

Oxfordshire County Council conducts consultations on planning relating to highways and schools, among other matters. To search, review or respond to a County Council consultation, click here.

The following matters are delegated to the Planning and Development Committee:
(a) To consider and respond to planning applications.
(b) Minor issues affecting traffic, highways, and transport.

The following matters are to be recommended to Council:
(c) Issues affecting the development of the Town.
(d) Naming of streets.
(e) Major issues affecting the traffic, highways, and transport.
(f) Any policy issues connected with Planning and Development.

Should you wish to attend the Committee meeting, please contact

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