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Project RED – Reducing Energy usage in Didcot

-A post from Sustainable Didcot-

In response to the Town Council declaring a climate emergency, Sustainable Didcot applied for and received a grant, to help the community to investigate ways to lower energy usage and carbon emissions on the path to zero carbon.There are many ways to achieve this, but every approach is different; we need to find the method that is relevant and applicable to us. We need your help in that.Please fill out the questionnaire from the link below. It should not take more than a couple of minutes. In it you will find a few basic questions about how you think we could best succeed in reaching zero emissions by 2030.

The last question of the survey is if you would like to stay informed, or even better get involved with this project or Sustainable Didcot in general. The more the merrier, as I'm sure you will agree that there is much that needs to be accomplished, and time is short.

Last updated: Thu, 05 Aug 2021 08:53