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Allotment Application

Allotments are available to Didcot residents only. The Tenant shall reside within the boundary of Didcot Parish or within the Great Western Park boundary during the tenancy. Great Western Park residents may take on a tenancy, but those who do not live within the Didcot Parish, cannot join a waiting list.

We currently have five allotment sites in Didcot: Broadway, Cockcroft, Mereland Road, New Road and Wantage Road.

A Returnable Deposit is required before signing a tenancy agreement and this is returned when the tenancy is terminated, providing the plot is given back to us in the same condition as it was given to you. This currently stands at £45 for a 2.5 pole plot, and £90 for 5 pole or higher.

More information, terms and conditions and all allotment policies can be found here.

All allotment sites currently have waiting lists. To apply for an allotment and join the waiting list, download the document below or complete the form below.

If you need any more information, please email

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If you don't know your local council click on this link to find out.

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