Faith in Service

The Mayor of Didcot

Each year at the Council elects a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor to serve for the coming year.

On Monday 15th May 2023 Councillor Axel Macdonald was elected the Mayor for 2023-2024. The Deputy Mayor elected was Councillor Andrew Jones.

The Mayor chairs Council meetings assisted by the Deputy Mayor in accordance with Standing Orders.

If you would like to invite the Mayor to your event please contact

Biography of Mayor Axel Macdonald

First I'd like to thank the councillors for voting me in as the next Didcot mayor and I will do my best to serve the council over the coming year, both as a chair and to promote the town as one of the best places to live in Oxfordshire!

I follow on from Dr Pam Siggers, a hard and conscientious worker who played her part in promoting Didcot and supporting its charities and associations – I thank her for her endeavours.

As mayor I serve the councillors and kind folk of Didcot, aspiring to be available when they need the gravitas of the mayor. I aim to work hard at promoting Didcot within and outside the parish, letting all I come across know the great place it is to live and work in.

However Didcot, as many towns, has its less affluent side hence one of my two charities is the Didcot Food Bank. Again we can aspire to consigning the need for such organisations to the past but at present the Didcot Food Bank is needed more than ever and I am both proud and humbled to be able to support its work throughout my mayoral year.

My second charity is also a locally based Didcot charity that works across the UK. The Felix Fund provides care and assistance to serving soldiers and veterans and again I'm proud to be able to support and promote them again as I did ten years ago when I was last mayor.

The future of Didcot is bright! We are about one field away from being renamed "Didcot upon Thames" and on that watery theme I will look forward to opening our new splash park!

I look forward to the coming year and will adhere to our moto, "Faith in Service"

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