The Mayor

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Didcot

Bill and Cadet

Each year at the Annual Meeting the Council elects a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor to serve for the coming year.

On Monday 14th May Councillor Bill Service was elected the Mayor for 2018/2019. The Deputy Mayor is Councillor Anthony Dearlove.

The Mayor chairs Council meetings assisted by the Deputy Mayor in accordance with Standing Orders.

A Biography - Mayor Bill Service

What an honour to be selected as Mayor of Didcot by our Town Councillors, to represent our growing Town. My wife Angela and I are really looking forward to representing Didcot over the next year.

We moved to Didcot in March 2000 after a 27 year career as an Airframes Technician with the Royal Air Force, serving at Stations around the Country and in Germany. Since then I have worked as an Aircraft Inspector on the Apache Helicopter at Middle Wallop and for the past 14 years as a Driver / Supervisor at RAF Benson.

I was born in the North East of England in the parish of Dunston which has since been swallowed up by Gateshead. Angela hails from London but spent most of her childhood and teenage years in the Lincolnshire town of Spalding.

We have both served our community as Town Councillors since the early noughties (early 2000). I have also been a County Councillor and still a District Councillor for Didcot Ladygrove ward. I enjoy cooking, rugby, golf and being a Councillor, whilst Angela just loves her bowling.

We are both recently retired from full time employment.

My charities for the forthcoming year are the Didcot Volunteer Centre who provide volunteer drivers, using their own cars, to transport local people who are unable to use public transport or live in rural areas where public transport is not available, taking them to appointments at hospitals, health centres and other activities.

My other charity will be SSAFA. Which is a UK Charity providing welfare & support for those serving in the armed forces, veterans and armed forces families. They support the Army, Royal Air Force and the Navy.